Free Binaural Beats Presents ~ Overcome Addiction ~ Binaural Beats + Isochronic Tones

(For Best Results Wear Headphones)

This sessions uses high theta / low alpha frequencies that help with overcoming addiction.

The binaural beat uses a carrier frequency of 144.72hz which supports strength of will and focused energy, ability for achievement. This carrier frequency is paired with the binaural frequency of 8hz. 8hz gives physical energy and is associated with DNA repair.

The isochronic tone uses a carrier frequency of 360hz. 360hz brings balance as well as sensations of joy and healing. The frequency is set to an isochronic pulse of 7.5hz which is associated with inter-awareness of self & purpose, guided meditation, and creative thought for art, invention music, etc. 7.5hz is also associated with ease at finding solutions to troublesome problems.

7.5hz – 8hz are used for treating alcohol + drug addiction – This range of frequencies tells a person they’re satisfied, which is “missing” in addictive personalities.

Enjoy The Overcome Addiction Binaural Beat from Free Binaural Beats!

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