Audio Length: 3 Hours

This audio uses binaural beats to help boost creativity and focus.

Enjoy the Creativity & Focus Binaural Beat from Free Binaural Beats!

The session begins with a frequency combination suited to boost your creativity!
The audio uses a carrier frequency of 263hz associated with creativity and speech.
The audio begins at the theta frequency of 6 hz and plays for 7 minutes, after 7 minutes the audio takes a 30 second journey up to 10hz where it is played for an additional 7 minutes. This 6hz to 10hz combination is especially noted for enhancing creativity and visualization.

After getting a kick of creativity the Audio shifts to help spark and enhance your focus:
The carrier frequency used is 144.72 Hz a frequency associated with activity which brings energy. The carrier frequency supports strength of will and focused energy as well as ability for achievement.

The Binaural Beat Frequency played is Gamma 40 Hz 
This frequency is dominant when problem solving and associated with information-rich task processing & high-level information processing.

This frequency combination is played for 15 minutes. After the half hour cycle the audios loop begins over and plays a total of 6 times creating a 3 hour session.