Rain Sounds for Sleep Binaural Beat

Rain Sounds for Sleep


(Audio Length – 1 Hour)

(For Best Results Please Wear Headphones)

This audio mixes binaural beats that help with Insomnia and falling asleep with the sounds of a light relaxing rain storm to help you fall into a deep and peaceful sleep.

The following frequencies are used:

Binaural Beat – 2.5 Hz – used for pain relief and relaxation; involved in the production of endogenous opiates. Use for sedative effect – reported use on bleeding, bruises, insomnia, and sinusitis.

Carrier Frequency – 136.1 Sun: light, warmth, joy, animus; Resonates with the earth year (Note=C#) (Color=Turqouise Green) (Effects=calming, meditative, relaxing, centering) Period it takes earth to revolve around sun (Tempo=63.8*127.6) (Chakra=Anahate/Heart chakra)(Effects=relaxing, soothing, balancing, harmony with the cosmos, associated with the soul {“frequency of the soul}) (Medicinal=Sedative) (Other=significant tone in Indian music {called it the “sadja” or “father to others” – it was a keynote} – corresponds to “OM” & the Christian “AMEN”)

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