Intelligence Booster Binaural Beat

Intelligence Booster

(Audio Length – 3.5 Hours)

Get the mental edge with a boost from Binaural Beats. The combination of frequencies in this audio are made specifically to help boost intelligence. The Intelligence Booster audio incorporates isochronic tones for the ultimate brainwave entrainment experience.

(For Best Results Please Wear Headphones)

This brainwave entrainment audio uses a combination of Binaural Beats and Isochronic Tones associated with the increase of intelligence.

The Binaural Beat carrier frequency is 492Hz. This frequency is associated with the cortex and has the effect of increased intelligence.

The “binaural frequency” used is 15.4Hz. This is the lowest octave of 492Hz and has the same associated with the cortex and having the effect of increased intelligence.

The audio also features an isochronic tone with a carrier frequency of 197Hz. which is associated with the heart and has a loving and warming effect.

The isochronic pulse is set to 11.5Hz – in neurotherapy a frequency used if increased intelligence + mental efficiency is the objective.

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