Feel Great Nature Sounds Binaural Beats

Feel Great Nature Sounds

(Audio Length – 1 Hour)

(For Best Results Please Wear Headphones)

This brainwave entrainment session uses an Isochronic tone tuned to 7.83Hz. 7.83hz has long been known as the “Earth’s Resonance” Although today new beliefs systems are that this frequency is getting higher.

The carrier frequency for the Isochronic Tone is 183.58Hz. This frequency is associated with the orbit of jupiter and is known to support creative power and continuous construction. 183.58Hz is also associated with growth, success, justice, spirituality, generosity, continuity, magnanimity and joviality.

The binaural beat plays ten minutes of the remaining 6 harmonics of the Schumann’s resonance which are 14Hz, 20Hz, 26Hz, 33Hz, 39Hz, 45Hz Respectively.

14hz is associated with being alert and awake, having vitality and being able to concentrate on tasks.
20Hz is an adrenal stimulant and used on sinus disorders, sinus infection, head colds, and headaches.
26hz is the 4th of the Schumann’s Resonance harmonics.
33hz is associated with christ consciousness and the “pyramid frequency”
39hz is the 6th of the Schumann’s Resonance harmonics.
45hz is the 7th of the Schumann’s Resonance harmonics.

The binaural beat has a carrier frequency of 221.23Hz and is associated with the 3rd eye chakra. The frequency supports higher love energy and aspiration for harmony. 221.23hz is associated with the orbit of Venus and beauty, love, sexuality and sensuality.

Enjoy The Schumann’s Resonance Iso Binaural Beat fromĀ Free Binaural Beats!

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