Chakra Balance Iso Binaural Beat

Chakra Balance Iso Binaural

(Audio Length – 1 Hour 10 Minutes)

(For best results please wear headphones)

About this session:

The A=432Hz Tones for Chakra Healing.

You may use any of the tones below:

Crown 216,432, or 864 A
3rd Eye 144,288, or 576 D
Throat 192,384, or 768 G
Heart 128,256, or 512 C
Solar Plexus 182,364, or 728 F#
Sacral 303,606, or 1212 E flat
Root 228,456, or 912 B flat

For this audio the following tones were used:

For the binaural beat the following carrier frequencies were used with a 35Hz binaural frequency

35Hz: Awakening of mid-chakras, balance of chakras

1st tone is 228Hz Root
2nd tone is 303Hz Sacral
3rd tone is 182Hz Solar Plexus
4th tone is 128Hz Heart
5th tone is 192Hz Throat
6th tone is 144Hz Third Eye
7th tone is 216Hz Crown

In coordination the following Isochronic Tones were used at the following carrier frequencies with an Iso pulse of 12Hz

12 Hz – Centering, doorway to all other frequencies; frequency of earth resonance (Hercules – a researcher); Centering, mental stability, transitional point, time seems faster; To stimulate mental clarity; Associated with Throat/Vishuddha chakra (Effects=Expression/self in society)

1st tone is 456Hz Root
2nd tone is 606Hz Sacral
3rd tone is 364Hz Solar Plexus
4th tone is 256Hz Heart
5th tone is 384Hz Throat
6th tone is 288Hz Third Eye
7th tone is 432Hz Crown

To use, sit in a nice comfortable position and play the video from start to finish. Play it as often as you like and let me know your results if any.

Enjoy The Chakra Balance Iso Binaural Beat fromĀ Free Binaural Beats!

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