Calm Down Binaural Beat

Calm Down

(Audio Length – 1 Hour)

(For Best Results Please Wear Headphones)

About this session:

Base Frequency (Right Ear): 90Hz

Tones Used: (Each tone played for ten minutes)

11.0Hz- Associated with a relaxed yet awake state.

3.5Hz- Feeling of unity with everything. Whole being regeneration

8.5Hz- No extensive study has been done on entrainment associates with 8.5hz – Feel free to comment and let us know how it makes you feel!

7.5Hz- Ease of overcoming troublesome issues. Activates creative thought for art, invention, music. Associated with problem solving.

10.0Hz- Enhanced serotonin release. Provides relief from lost sleep and improves general mood. Used to dramatically reduce headaches and associated with clarity and subconscious correlation.

4.0Hz- Allows brain to produce enkaphalins, all natural pain killer. Vital for memory and learning. Associate with problem solving and object naming.

Enjoy The Calm Down Binaural Beat fromĀ Free Binaural Beats!

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