Astral Projection Iso Binaural Beat

Astral Projection Iso Binaural

(Audio Length – 1 Hour)

(For best results please wear headphones)

This session features the Binaural Beat frequencies of 26Hz, 28Hz, 22Hz and 40Hz respectively in 15 minute intervals. The binaural beat uses a carrier frequency of 111Hz

The carrier frequency 393 is used for Isochronic tones pulsing at 4.0Hz, 6.3Hz, and 7.0Hz respectively in 10 minute intervals. The Isochronic Tone Loop is played twice.

Frequency Info:

111Hz – Associated with Beta Endorphins and Cell regeneration

393Hz – Associated with the eyes and heart ~ Effects: visualization, love and warmth

4.0Hz – Enkephalins, Extrasensory perception]; Astral Projection, Telepathy, Seduction mindset; Catecholamines, vital for memory & learning, respond at around 4 HZ.; Subconscious Problem Solving/Full Memory Scanning (if one can manage to stay awake); Associated with object naming, an important aspect of memory

6.3Hz – Mental & astral projection; accelerated learning & increased memory retention; (reduce) Anger + Irritability

7.0Hz – Mental & astral projection, bending objects, psychic surgery; Increased Reaction Time; Mass aggregate frequency (can deaggregate matter), alleged to
resonate & rupture organs at excessive intensity; Treatment of sleep disturbances; Bone growth

22Hz- Used in conjunction with 14 HZ for intelligence enhancement; Used in conjunction with 40 HZ for ‘out of body’ travel; Also used with 40 HZ for psychic healing.

26.0Hz – 28.0Hz – Astral Projection / produced during meditation by some

40Hz – dominant when problem solving in fearful situations; Gamma – associated with information-rich task processing & high-level information processing; “‘For scientists who study the human brain, even its simplest act of perception is an event of astonishing intricacy. 40 Hz brain activity may be a kind of binding mechanism’, said Dr. Rodolfo Llinas a professor of neuroscience at New York University. Llinas believes that the 40-cycle-per-second wave serves to connect structures in the cortex where advanced information processing occurs, and the thalamus, a lower brain region where complex relay & integrative functions are carried out;” Used in conjunction with 22 HZ for ‘out of body’ travel; Also used with 22 HZ for psychic healing; “40–Hz activity varies from 38.8 to 40.1-Hz, regardless of the electrode site. The average frequency is in the ~39.5-Hz range. In summary, when the body is profoundly relaxed & the mind is in a state of high focus and concentration, 20 & 40-Hz brain activity can be seen in the raw and quantitative EEG of some subjects. It is possible that 18 to 22-Hz Beta & possibly 40-Hz neurofeedback training may help create a “relaxed body/focused mind” state of consciousness.” [DW]; Activity in the ectosylvian & lateral cortex, medial geniculate, reticular formation, center median thalamus & hippocampus; Confirming Sheer et al.’s work,compared the EEG of middle- & high-I.Q. subjects during mental multiplication activity. A 40-Hz rhythm occurred just prior to the subject’s answering the question. Forty–Hz pulses are thought to lead to synchronization + coordination of neurons assigned to the processing of incoming sensory stimulation. Put in “computerese,” 40-Hz may be the brain’s “operating system” frequency. Involved In The Processing Of Psi Information

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