Audio Length: 1 Hour

This audio uses binaural beats associated with better sex.

Enjoy the Anti Anxiety Speech Regeneration Binaural Beat from Free Binaural Beats!

The following tones are used:

The first minutes begins with a base frequency of 221.23Hz. Paired with a binaural frequency of 9.0Hz

After 15 minutes the base frequency remains the same as the base frequency drops to 2.5Hz

At the 30 minute mark the audio base frequency shifts to 210.42Hz and is again paired with 9.0hz binaural frequency.

After 45 minutes the binaural frequency again shifts to 2.5Hz as the base frequency remains the same. Base frequencies used: 221.23Hz – associated with Venus: beauty, love, sexuality, sensuality and harmony – supports higher love energy and aspiration for harmony.

210.42Hz – stimulates sexual energy and supports erotic communication, Binaural Beat Frequencies Used: 9.0Hz – Associated with Sacral Chakra – effects relationships and sexuality. 2.5hz – Stimulate sexual energy