The Free Binaural Beats project started around 5 years ago when I first discovered binaural beats an amazing solution to my severe insomnia. Since then it has been an exciting exploration into a new life and deep consciousness. My original motivation for the website was to create a site where ANYONE could access high quality Binaural Beat audios totally FREE! I developed the website in a way that I would personally love to see it as a visitor. The downloads were very easy to get – with just a click. And the website was funded by placing Google Ads in the sidebars.
The website was a quick success and grew quickly. With this success came a landslide of attention and opinions from “Professional Marketers” who told me all the ways I needed to change my website to make more money. Unfortunately I was swept up in all these suggestions and tried a bunch of new models and concepts for the website. After 3 years and multiple failed attempts I have learned many things. The most important thing is to follow your own heart and guidance! Nothing was ever more successful as a website then my original idea to make the site simple, free and easy to use for everyone. I’ve also learned that there is a lot more power in something that is being developed with the true motivation to help others – as soon as the focus shifted to how can I use what I have developed to help me – the entire energy and success of the project went down.
I am grateful for all that I have been able to learn in this time – and am pleased to announce that after some deep soul searching, I have decided it was time to set everything back to the original state. The design has changed slightly (Hopefully for the better) however the concept has gone back to the original – All downloads are FREE and easy to get with just a click!
I am grateful for all those who have showed support of any kind, whether it was a nice message, a donation, or sharing the project with their friends – I cannot thank you all enough!
I wish you all the very best – and hope you enjoy the NEW / old Free Binaural Beats website! Please take a look at our updated site and let us know your feedback!