11.11 Binaural Beat

The number 11:11 has always held special significance for me. When I was young I remember seeing this number on the clock and thinking there was something special about it. As an adult repeating numbers including 11.11 have taken on more meaning. I see these numbers as a communication from the universe letting me know that I am on the right track among other things.

The thought to do an 11.11 alpha binaural beat had surprisingly never entered my sphere of creation until now. I was excited to create the new audio and start experimenting with its effects.

I did a series of muscle testing to decide which carrier frequencies were the best to use for the 11.11hz binaural beat and came up with a base frequency of 122.44hHz.  I created an audio with 122.44Hz in the left ear and 133.55Hz in the right ear playing for 30 minutes.

I first listened to the audio in late morning after I had been up for awhile, My first thought while listening to the audio was that the combination of frequencies were very pleasant to the ear and enjoyable to listen to. After what I would guess was around 5 minutes it seemed my creative mind really started to kick in as I began to have all kinds of things flooding my mind about how I could improve current projects.

At this point I began to ponder thoughts of reflection itself. I realized it was a sort of unique conscious practice to listen to a new binaural beat frequency with the intention of observing its effects in a way that I would later be able to relate in written form. It seemed the pondering turned itself into a paradoxical circle.

After this moment of awareness I tried to settle in with a less conscious mind to observe the effects of the audio. One of the biggest effects I noticed with a closed eye light spectrum effect that created different patterns in my “visual” perception.  The patterns would circle like a ring and then enclose on themselves before doing the movement again and again.  Sometimes the movement was downward and other times it was upward.  At times the light patterns could create a tunnel pattern that reminded me of moving through a vortex.

One other notable effect was an extreme heavy weight like sand bags all throughout my legs into my feet. This feeling only grow more intense as the audio went on.

When the audio was finished I removed my headphones and felt extremely tired. (Feeling tired after listening to almost any binaural beat is common for me and not necessarily a usual side effect) I didn’t have any immediate obligations so I took the opportunity to fall asleep into a restful nap.

For the next experiment with 11.11Hz I decided to create an audio with several different carrier frequencies. Starting with the same carrier frequency I used before, the audio included a total of 7 different carrier frequencies played for 10 minutes each. You can learn more about what frequencies I used on the product download page.

I first listened to this audio in the evening before going to bed. I was fairly tired and didn’t make it much past the 2nd frequency before falling asleep. I awoke the next morning having crystal clear memory recall of dreams from the night. This was very unique as I typically do not dream at all. The day seemed be flow very smoothly and I noticed that I was accomplishing some mundane tasks I had been putting off.

I next listened to the audio during the day with the intent of making it through every frequency. This listening experience was more of a simple deep meditation experience. I found that as the audio continued my mind became more and more clear and quiet as I reached deeper states of meditation. It was a very blissful meditation.

I hope you enjoy the 11.11Hz Binaural Beats and my review of my experiences listening. I would love to hear back from you. Please share your experiences with this audio in the comments!

Love and Blessings,


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