Thanks for visiting, your source for High Quality Free Binaural Beat Downloads. If you have been to our site before you might notice things looking a little different around here.

Free Binaural Beats has been sharing High Quality Binaural Beat downloads for over 6 years and over that time it has gone through a lot of changes. The website originally began as a project by yours truly – web designer and binaural beat enthusiast Eric Bartel.

While working a demanding job as the Executive Chef and General Manager of a steakhouse in Idaho, I discovered the simple yet amazing benefits of binaural beats. The long hours and stress of the job led to overwhelming insomnia that allowed me just a few short hours of sleep every night.

I was not interested in taking sleep medication but was in need of rest. I had done a little research on binaural beats in the past and decided they were worth trying out. I found a reputable online vendor and decided to give an audio for sleep a try. I was surprised and grateful to awaken the next day to the first full night of sleep I had gotten in years.

At this time Binaural Beats were not yet popular on YouTube and the most common way to get a good binaural beat audio was to buy one online. Unfortunately many of the audio products available were very expensive and out of reach for anyone on a limited budget. Having a background in music and understanding how binaural beats were created, I decided I could create a collection of high quality binaural beats available for everyone to use for free. is the result of many years of work dedicated to sharing binaural beats with everyone!

The new website design might seem a bit confusing to someone who has visited before. All of the audio downloads are still available completely free! I have changed the design to a “name your price” set up where the visitor has to add the audios to their shopping cart and check out to receive the downloads. This helps me know what audios our visitors are listening to most. The suggested price for the audio downloads is $5 – to get the download for free simply change the price to $0 and add the audio to your cart. Then go through the simple checkout process and your downloads should be available.

Thank you to everyone who has supported this website. I hope you like the new design. I want to interact more directly with visitors here and will be asking for your feedback as time goes on over new additions to the site as well as taking request for new audios. I wish you all the very best!

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