Thank for visiting the Free Binaural Beats website. 

Unfortunately over the last week the website experienced a fatal crash that caused us to lose all website content. This includes the image media and text content as well as all user information for the site.

On a positive note, the audios themselves are hosted on a separate platform intended for sharing large media files so the actual audios have not been lost.

This website has been a multi year project created by a single individual. It will not be possible to re create the site as it was in a quick timeframe. That being said, I am working to create an individual downloads page as quickly as possible for members so they can log in and still have access to the downloads. 

Use the form on this page to send us your user information so you can be added back to the system. Please use the subject “Member information” and use the same email address as you originally signed up with so we can verify the membership with our payment processing companies.

I sincerely apologize for this inconvenience and hope to get members the ability to download audios again up and running very soon. I appreciate your patience and understanding and thank you for being a valuable member of the Free Binaural Beats community.