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Binaural Beat Essentials

Binaural Beats are an audio stimuli that use sub-audible frequencies to synchronize the left and right hemispheres of the brain to a desired brainwave pattern and effect.

Headphones are necessary when listening to binaural beats to gain the full benefit. Binaural beats work by playing two separate audible frequencies into each ear. The difference of those frequencies is the binaural beat frequency.

As an example, to replicate a sub-audible 4Hz Delta frequency you could play 100Hz. in the right ear and 104Hz. in the left ear. The difference in frequencies creates a “wub” or “beat” sound that occurs in the listeners brain. This works similar to a tuning fork to help entrain the brain to the desired frequency pattern.

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*A message from the creator

Thank for visiting the Free Binaural Beats website. 

As you may know the website experienced a fatal crash in February that caused us to lose all website content. Fortunately over the past few weeks I have been able to dedicate a good amount of time to getting the website rebuilt and am happy to finally go live with a new version of the Free Binaural Beats project.

Please note that the website is far from complete and I still have several audios to add, as well as updates to many of the tracks frequency information. The additional audios and information will be added over the next couple weeks, but I wanted visitors to have access to what has been accomplished so far.  I hope you enjoy the website rebuild.

The new website model will rely solely on donations and the selling of royalty free licenses for support. Please consider making a donation or purchasing an audio license for your project to help support the site.

Thanks for visiting and best regards.

Free Binaural Beats

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