3rd Eye Chakra

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Free Binaural Beats Presents: 3rd Eye Awakening Binaural Beat Session

Frequencies Used:

Binaural Beat – 13Hz

Left Ear – 70Hz

Right Ear – 83Hz

13Hz – Associated with Brow/Ajna chakra (Color=Indigo/Violet) (Body Parts=Pituitary,Lower Brain, Left Eye, Ears, Nose, Nervous System)(Effects=Visualization, Conceptualization)

70Hz – Mental & astral projection ; Endorphin production/used with electroanalgesia.

83Hz – Third eye opening for some people

Isochronic Tone – 288Hz – Associated with 3rd eye stimulation Isochronic Pulse – (Theta Scanning) Begging with 7Hz and progressing to end at 4Hz. Theta Range : recall, fantasy, imagery, creativity, planning, dreaming, switching thoughts, Zen meditation, drowsiness; Access to subconscious images, deep meditation, reduced blood pressure, said to cure addictions; Reset the brain’s sodium potassium levels, which cuts down on mental fatigue; Increases sex drive; Meditation, Intuitive Augmentation; Near Sleep brainwaves, conducive to profound inner peace, “mystical truths”, transforming unconsciously held limiting beliefs, physical & emotional healing, purpose of life exploration, inner wisdom, faith, meditation, some psychic abilities, & retrieving unconscious material; bursts of inspiration, twilight sleep learning, deep relaxation, reverie, high levels of awareness, vivid mental imagery. Hypnopompic & Hypnagogic states ¬†


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