Experience the Benefits of Binaural Beats!

Meditation is a powerful practice that can help calm your mind and improve all areas of your life. With these relaxing yet effective binaural beat audios you can can now experience Deep Meditation in a little as 10 minutes!

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1.) Download the audio that suit your needs from our selection below.

2.) Find a relaxing space, get comfortable with headphones and press play.

3.) Enjoy your experience! Meditation is natural, safe and effective!

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Find relaxation and peace as you renew your soul

Health & Wellness
Overcome and restore wellness with meditation

Higher Consciousness
Experience deep meditation and create a new reality

Brain Power
Unlock the power of your mind with meditative brain training

Beta Brainwaves
Beta Brainwaves Range from 12.0Hz – 36.0Hz. This range is associated with alert and awake states of consciousness.

Alpha Brainwaves
Alpha Brainwaves Range from 8.0Hz – 12Hz. This range is associated with relaxed but awake states of consciousness

Theta Brainwaves
Theta Brainwaves Range from 4.0Hz – 8.0Hz. This range is associated with dream states and meditation.

Delta Brainwaves
Delta Brainwaves Range from 0.5Hz – 4Hz. This range is associated with deep dreamless sleep and pain relief.